Windows sidebar news feeds not updating

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If those 50 friends don’t do a whole lot on Facebook, as in they aren’t “liking” pages or statuses, or even commenting on statuses and things like that, then Facebook has decided that you don’t really NEED the ticker, as there will barely be any activity to display in the ticker.

Well, say you only have 50 friends on Facebook (like my husband who is constantly purging his account, even deleting all of my siblings, because they don’t interact much on Facebook).There's no option in Settings to remove this particular "feature."Granted, you can customize it (after a fashion) by clicking the little "x" next to any story, then choosing your reason for not wanting to see that story. Purity, a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.But you can't remove the box altogether, and even if you teach Facebook what kinds of stories you don't like, it's still a distraction. The tool can strip away tons of potentially unwanted Facebook elements, everything from notification pop-ups to shared events to photos and videos. Purity (you may need to restart your browser), head to Facebook.Luckily, for Apple users, there is a productivity hack that can anchor your Twitter feed to the left sidebar of your Safari window, remaining open while you browse the web and get work done.Through the "Shared Links" feature on the sidebar in Safari, users can add a host of social media updates to be displayed.

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