Emile hirsch and kristen stewart dating

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The audition was held at Hardwicke's house in Venice, CA, where Pattinson first met Stewart.

"I have footage of their first meeting at my dining-room table," Hardwicke said." data-reactid="22"But Hardwicke wasn't too keen on Pattinson at first -- who may have been lucky to have made the cut at all.

Kristen Stewart was filming her 2009 movie “Adventureland” when the script for a movie called “Twilight” arrived on her doorstep. But Stewart actually caught the eye of “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke because of her role in another film, the 2007 Sean Penn directed picture “Into the Wild.” She played a small role as Tracy Tatro, a love interest of the movie’s real-life central character Christopher Mc Candless, aka Alexander Supertramp, played by Emile Hirsch.

She reveals her reaction in a new interview and her response may surprise… Hirsch, who had appeared in an earlier Hardwicke-directed film, 2005’s “The Lords of Dogtown,” recommended Stewart for the part of Bella Swan, the conflicted high school teen who falls in love with a vampire. Kristen, however, wasn’t really impressed with the script. “I thought we could just do whatever we wanted, and we would never make a sequel, and the book was a jumping point and then we could kind of explore this realm, and move on,” she explained.

Earlier, in reference to Mia Farrow’s bombshell announcement that Frank Sinatra may be the father of her son Ronan, he wrote ‘I have a baby announcement to make.

And the story of Robert Pattinson's first meeting with Kristen Stewart is no selected to play the part of Bella by first "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke -- who had also helmed '70s-set beach-skateboard flick "Lords of Dogtown" (2005).

She’s settled into a consistent style that incorporates the messy locks that once infuriated fashion bloggers. And, hopefully, we’ve grown, too — who in 2016 is about to tell a girl she has to smile?

Now think about the exact moment you realized Kristen Stewart is actually cool. I personally was on board for Kristen Stewart through and despite the in 2007, in which she’s just great in a small role as a trailer park teen who crushes on bourgeois wanderer Emile Hirsch.“Honestly, if you’re going to focus on what you lose, rather than what you gain in a position like this — and I don’t mean monetary gain — I’m given so much happiness and stimulation by what I do.It would be silly to focus on the fact I can’t go to malls anymore.Hardwicke had been tipped off by one of her "Dogtown" actors, Emile Hirsch, to Stewart's talent."Her mixture of innocence and longing just knocked me out," the director told Entertainment Weekly in 2008.

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