Horem sex

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In the space of 10 minutes, we've gone from low comedy to high drama. The infant soon ends up in a pawn shop, where a childless couple, the infertile Mila (Natasa Burger) and her husband, Franta (Jiri Machacek), a soccer hooligan on probation and therefore unable to adopt, snap up the child.

Marge offers him a cupcake in gratitude, and Patrick immediately offers her a job at his bakery after eating it.TWO POSSIBLE translations of "Horem Padem," the Czech nonsense phrase identifying filmmaker Jan Hrebejk's newest comedy-drama, might be "Topsy-Turvy" or, as the filmmaker suggested in an interview, "Helter Skelter." Since the first translation hints at a light comedy, and the second has far darker connotations, the more neutral English phrase that has been slapped, somewhat arbitrarily, on the film, "Up and Down," is probably the best compromise.Although "Up and Down" only suggests the movie's strange, bipolar mood and has even less to do with the specifics of its peripatetic plot, it somehow captures the sense of both optimism and despair that colors this haunting little film, whose chaotic universe is churned up by the conflict between the haves and the have-nots, the us and thems, the insiders and outsiders of contemporary life in Prague.Each reaches its own separate, natural conclusion, although editing helps tie things together, at least thematically.The first of the two major storylines centers on Frantisek Fikes (Jirí Machácek), a former soccer hooligan who is trying to turn his back on his old bully ways and make a new life with Mila (Natasa Burger).

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