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One of Hollywood's most stable relationships may just be one fans know the least about.For more than seven years, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have been succeeding on the small screen with a variety of projects.Lack of Love Despite being one of the network's most critically acclaimed series, the cast all expressed some degree of frustration regarding NBC's treatment of the show."There are all these people responding to our show and NBC is completely out of it," Nelson said.

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Yep, Mae Whitman is renting out her guesthouse to her TV sibling Miles Heizer.

'At our age we’d probably both been through showmances that went south and made work an uncomfortable place to be,' she writes in an excerpt from her book.

were honored by the Paley Center as part of the annual Paley Fest.

"We're definitely unusually close, just as far as human beings go," Whitman said. "I remember being surprised that there was a 14-year-old boy who could, with such ease and nonchalance, hang out with me and Sarah Ramos, a 20-year-old and a 17-year old," Whitman recalled.

"He was just casually chatting, like no weird macho boy stuff.

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