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Imagine you have a list named "Software", it has title field and category lookup field (now we have 19 category types in "Category" list).

When we try to add new item in "Software" list in Item Adding event we can see: Where "18" is an Id of category.

This means that certain circumstances are made more complex than they need to be in grouping multiple documents that are actually related to a list item, rather than classified by the meta data within the list item.The reason for this is to enable "auto suggest/filtering" feature as you type values in the textbox (Share Point register a couple of events to this input and image and perform all required javascript code for auto suggest/filtering). Here is an answer: In Item Adding we have "0" in category, but this isn't an item's Id, this is null, and this behavior we have only in IE.If you before check in your item event receiver only for lookup field, your code will become working incorrectly, when items number in lookup list more than 19.And Item Added: So, when use class SPField Lookup Value, in Item Adding event Lookup Value equal to null (in . Category is not required field, what if we leave it blank?In Item Updated event as you may know we will have both lookup Id and Lookup Value. Not surprise that we can see something like this (Item Adding): And in Item Updating: So, if you didn't specify lookup, it equal to null or string.empty depending on using .

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