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Restart chkservd: /etc/init.d/chkservd restart Tail Apache log: tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log Updates the cpanel server software: /scripts/upcp Reinstalls exim: /scripts/exim4 View traffic or if you think a site is being DDo S: cd /usr/local/apache/domlogs tail -f Correct bandwidth issues /scripts/cleanbw To fix problem in webalizer that stop updating stats /scripts/fixwebalizer Fix everything /scripts/fixcommonproblems /scripts/fixeverything Fixing Mail List Mail Man /usr/local/cpanel/bin/convertmailman2 Reinstall Mail Man /scripts/reinstallmailman /scripts/fixhome pico /etc/Edit (may be in a differant place if you have Zend installed) pico /usr/local/lib/Edit Apache Conf pico /etc/httpd/conf/Checking Real Time Top Processes Login to SSH and run top Run cpanel backup /scripts/cpbackup To try and fix domain controller /scripts/fixndc Quotas /scripts/initquotas - takes a while to run /scripts/resetquotas /scripts/fixquotas - takes a while to run Add a Dns Entry /scripts/adddns Install Frontpage Mail Exts /scripts/addfpmail Add Java Servlets to an account (jsp plugin required) /scripts/addservlets Add a User /scripts/adduser Run WHM Lite /scripts/admin Add Rlimits (cpu and mem limits) to apache /scripts/apachelimits Resync with a master DNS Server /scripts/dnstransfer Edit A User's Quota /scripts/editquota Search For Trojans in /dev /scripts/finddev Locate Trojan Horses /scripts/findtrojans Suggest Usage /scripts/findtrojans /var/log/trojans /scripts/fixtrojans /var/log/trojans Make Interchange work with suexec /scripts/fixcartwithsuexec Fix Most Problems with Interchange /scripts/fixinterchange Run on a trojans horse file created by findtrojans to remove them /scripts/fixtrojans Run this if a user's stats stop working /scripts/fixwebalizer Fix a broken valias file /scripts/fixvaliases Turn on DMA and 32bit IDE hard drive access (once per boot) /scripts/hdparamify Re-scan quotas.

Usually fixes Disk space display problems /scripts/initquotas Turn on SUEXEC (probably a bad idea) /scripts/initsuexec Display Ipusage Report /scripts/ipusage Terminate an Account /scripts/killacct Delete "Security Problem Infested RPMS" /scripts/killbadrpms Fix Various Mail Permission Problems /scripts/mailperm Attempt to Troubleshoot a Mail Problem /scripts/mailtroubleshoot Change a Mysql Password /scripts/mysqlpasswd Kill Potential Security Problem Services /scripts/quicksecure Rebuild Ip Address Pool /scripts/rebuildippool Delete Nasty SSL entry in apache default /scripts/remdefssl Restart a Service (valid services: httpd,proftpd,exim,sshd,cppop,bind,mysql) /scripts/restartsrv??

All SSL traffic should be sent directly to Apache because this is the only easy way of making sure the certificates etc, work in c Panel, so also make sure you log all static/dynamic requests from apache if it’s served over SSL (This is as simple as using the _SSL access log files in c Panel).

The websites statistics on our servers are updated every 24 hours.

Try to do the following: 1) Kill the mysql server /etc/rc.d/init.d/mysql stop 2) Repair all SQL databases: myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/*/*.

If you haven’t noticed yet on a lot of our servers specific accounts on each server do not have any bandwidth tracking what so ever.

Raw Access Logs provide detailed information about which files visitors have accessed on your hosting account.

Analog Stats is a basic Web statistics program that gives you comprehensive information about your account's activity.

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