Guitarist eddie perez dating

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It is the mature and timely work of an exciting and underestimated American band that has embraced its own destiny.

Malo says, "The real goal was to make a great record."The new collection features the core members of the group since their reformation: Malo, drummer Paul Deakin, guitarist Eddie Perez, and keyboardist Jerry Dale Mc Fadden, along with auxiliary members "The Fantastic Four" filling out the set's brawny sound with their signature accordion and horns.

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The group's run of hits faded in the 21st century, yet they still held on to a loyal fan base who embrace the group's enthusiastic eclecticism.Members are Raul Malo (lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, piano and percussion), Paul Deakin (drums, percussion and marimba), Eddie Perez (electric and acoustic guitars), and Jerry Dale Mc Fadden (piano, organ and celeste).hen you call yourselves The Mavericks, you have a reputation to live up to.Taking the name the Mavericks, the band began playing rock clubs around the Miami area and built up a solid local following.The group chose to play rock clubs because the country bars only wanted to book bands that played covers and the Mavericks preferred to concentrate on original material.

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