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Almost three-fourths of the males were more positively inclined towards non-sexual, yet tactile, affectionate interactions between unmarried males and females as opposed to only half of the females (70 % vs. Also, males held significantly more liberal attitudes than females in their acceptance of premarital sex.On preserving virginity prior to marriage, 43 % of the males felt that it was important for a female to be a virgin, whereas only 26 % felt it was important for males to remain a virgin.

"People may ask, 'How can they be asexual if they masturbate?

Sexual violence is defined as physical sexual acts which take place against a person’s will, or where that person is incapable of giving consent.

While most people think of sexual violence as being limited only to rape, in fact, sexual violence includes sexual assault (rape), forced sodomy, forced oral contact, statutory rape (sex with a minor), sexual assault with an object, sexual battery (non-consensual touching), dating or intimate partner violence of a sexual nature, sexual coercion, sexual intimidation, sexual exploitation, and threat of sexual assault. Related crimes that are non-sexual in nature include harassment, stalking, battery, intimate partner or dating violence of a non-sexual nature.

Consent is the voluntary, informed, uncoerced agreement through words and/or actions, which a reasonable person would interpret as a willingness to participate in mutually agreed upon sexual activity.

Sexual activity should only occur when all participants willingly and affirmatively choose to engage in particular acts. Your physical safety and preventing further assault is the first priority.

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