Google gadget news sidebar not updating

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It wasn’t a feature Google advertised all that well, but your Drive has been dutifully keeping backups of the data on your devices since Marshmallow introduced Auto Backup for Apps. A new update to the Google Drive app adds a handy Backups section to the sidebar.

Open it and you can see which of your devices have backups and which apps are being stored within them.

If you’re not seeing anything in the folder, you’ll need to turn on backups.

Head over to your phone's Settings, tap switch (your interface might be a bit different depending on your phone model).

To test if this is really the cause switch the setting to 100% and log off and on again. You can modify the setting again at any time though.

Several users reported that desktop widgets were missing or not displaying properly anymore after the browser was updated to Internet Explorer 11.

The browser did not cause any issues on Windows 8 in this regard, which is understandable considering that Microsoft did remove the gadgets option from the desktop part of the operating system. Apparently, gadget display issues are caused by DPI settings that are not set to default values.

You paid extra for that curvy screen when you opted for one of the Galaxy S edge models.

The Galaxy S7 Edge, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge can all put live content just one flick away on your screen, which makes for a great way to check the news, weather, sports, or fire up a favorite widget.

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